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Glycobiology Consortiums
Collaborative Glycomic Initiative (EuroCarb-DB)
Consortium of Functional Glycomics (CFG) - USA
Human Disease Glycomics/Proteomics Initiative (HGPI) - Japan

Carbohydrate databases
  KEGG-Glycan KEGG
  CFG-Glycan Database
  GlycoSuite Proteome Systems

Glycan topology desription
  GLYDE GLYcan data exchange standard
  LINUCS Linear encoding of sugars
  CabosML Carbohydrate sequence markup Language
  LiGraph Graphical representation

Glycan MS tools
  GlycoMod Glycan composition from molpeak
  Glycofragment Masses from glycan fragments
  GlycoSearchMS MS-spectra comparison
  GlycosidIQ Glycofragment mass fingerprinting

Glycan NMR tools
  CASPER 1H,13C-NMR estimation
  SugarBase 1H,13C-NMR search
  NMR-Search 1H,13C-NMR search

Glycans in PDBs
  PDB - repository DB of all 3D bio-structures
  dbPTM: DB of protein post-translational modification
  Glycoconjugate DB PDB glycan structures
  PDB2LINUCS Glycoproteins in PDB
  DOUGAL Database of glycoprotein structures

Glycan Processing Pathways & Enzymes
  Glycosylation pathways carbohydrate metabolism
  GGDB human glycogenes
  KEGG orthology glycosyltransferases
  CAZy carbohydrate active enzymes
  KEGG pathway carbohydrate metabolism
  GPI anchor biosynthesis
  SphinGOMAP pathways of sphingolipid biosynthesis

Glycan Binding Proteins
  Lectines 3D structure of lectins
  CFG-GBP-DB Glycan binding protein
  GlycoEpitope DB Antibodies for glyco epitopes
  CFG- Microarray Data Glycogene chip

Glycan 3D modelling
  GLYCOSCIENCES modelling toolbox
  GLYCAM Generation of 3D structures

Prediction of glycosylation sites
  NetNGlyc N-glycosylation
  NetOGlyc O-glycosylation
  YinOYang Glyco-, phosphorylation
  big-PIPredictor GPI-anchor prediction
  DGPI GPI-anchor prediction